Current exhibition is a work in progress and will open on Feb.8 and Feb. 9, 2020 as part of the Maui Open Studios. Come visit me at my home studio in MAUI MEADOWS from 11 am to 6 pm. 3384 Kuaua Place Kihei, HI. 96753.

Artwork will be available for purchase both in person and online.

The Ocean calls to me of ancient wisdom and the power of creation. As an artist, I am both creator and alchemist, transforming the lead of my everyday existence into art that is glowing with soulful beauty. With meditation and prayer I enter a visionary, mystical realm that I call “The Shimmering”. This realm exists between the worlds and is a place of healing, a mythic place, an alchemical laboratory within my being. From there, I connect to archetypes and symbols that exist in Universal Consciousness. I am a Contemporary Symbolist.

Surrounded by the immense magnificence of the ocean here on Maui, I am inspired to explore the archetype of the Mermaid. I work intuitively by invoking the energies of the ocean through the use of light reflective materials and layers of fluid acrylic paints that allow me to capture the translucent qualities of the watery element. I create texture, color and pattern with beads, shells, rhinestones, glitter, sequins and gold leaf. I work on both canvas and wood. My art is a fusion of spirit into matter and is infused with the intention of healing. I enjoy utilizing materials that shift and change with the light and the viewer’s perspective, thus creating art that is interactive and multi-dimensional.

Invitation to attend my Open Studio;

Primal and mysterious, alluring and sensual, dive into the energies of the ocean that dance in mystical, intricate patterns through my art creations. All created with sacred intention, I weave layers and layers of prayer, hope and paradox into shimmering particles of bead, bone, shell and rhinestone.

Archetypes and symbols rise up from the deep “glitter sea” as a call to your soul. Take a fascinating and magical journey to awaken the divine spark of inspiration within you. An experience of visiting my Muse Oasis and my art is like entering through an enchanted portal of possibility into a mythic environment. I invite you to join me for a Cosmic Rendez Vous that will be transformative and delightful.

Art Description;

. Mixed media pieces that are full of texture, pattern and translucent color created by Visionary Artist, Elizabeth Gibbons who is a Contemporary Symbolist and a Certified Teacher of Intentional Creativity.