Does your inner WILD SHINING MERMAID long to have her way with the Universe?

Saturday October 20,2018

11 am to 7 pm

The Palace of the Soul In San Francisco

Join us for some tail-slapping fun as we guide you on a deep dive into your most heartfelt desire. Your tails will be a-quivering with delight as you harness the energies of WATER in an Intentional Creativity Process, to support the fulfillment of your DESIRE.

Learn Jellyfish wisdom from WILD SHINING MERMAID Elizabeth, aka Queen Lani Lilikoi of the Glitterati.

Learn how to float your way to your pot of gold with WILD SHINING MERMAID Kerry Lee, Queen of the Riviera of the Rainbows.

Ripple, surge and cascade into alignment with the FLOW of the Universe as you paint the day away with your WILD SHINING MERMAID Soul Sisters. Get ready to float in this enchanted OCEAN of POSSIBILITIES with us.

Remember you are in the ocean and the ocean is in you. 

In our day together you will;

*Dive Deep into the Ocean of your Consciousness and discover a heartfelt DESIRE, a treasure that your SOUL is now ready to bring to fulfillment.

*Clarify the essence of your desire.

*Experience a profound energy shift  as you learn a bioenergetic technique to build circuitry in your energy field that allows you to transcend old stories and receive new energy

*Align your mind, body and spirit with the immense power of the energies of the element of water using an ancient shamanic process.

*Paint a gorgeous icon of the watery realm to support the fulfillment of your desire

*Release any subconscious interference to bringing your desire from spirit to form.

*Connect soulfully with your WILD SHINING MERMAID sisters in a magical, mythic environment.

*Receive an enchanted gift bag of Mermaid delights

All art supplies are included in price of the play shop

Early Bird Price available until Oct. 1, 2018


One payment of $147

Early Bird Price 2 payments of $75

Regular Price (after October 1, 2018)


One payment

2 payments of $100 (after Oct. 1)