An Intentional Creativity Playshop in


Saturday December 8, 2018

Sometimes life comes in “waves of emotions”, you feel like you’re “lost at sea, or you find yourself “going with the flow” – all of these emotions brings us back to the ocean. Wild and deep, the ocean holds so many healing properties. It teaches us the importance of letting go while simultaneously showing us that it’s always there for us when we need it. Powerful and strong, the ocean holds and nourishes the life of billions of creatures…. cradled in it’s cool embrace.

We are living in extraordinary times. We are facing challenges that can take us deep into the abyss, often referred to as the “dark night of the soul”. Impossible losses seem to be part of our new landscape. Imagine that even in the midst of these waves that seem to crest and surge and froth and foam, that you can rise with them. You can find the flow that allows you to LET GO with grace and ease. You can commune with the resilience and the healing powers of the ocean to move through the darkness with faith and trust. You can strengthen your connection to your creativity and your creative life force energy. Join us for a day of healing, playful creativity as we engage with an Intentional Creativity fun painting process that supports you in going with the FLOW and LETTING GO.

NO previous painting experience needed. We promise.

For this class we call upon the ocean and to create abstract masterpieces using Acrylic Pouring Techniques. We will learn the power of letting art flow through you as you build your own wild and wet playful art. Your ocean painting will be unique to your own connection to water – maybe your connection is still and calm, maybe the waves of the ocean bring you joy and life – Let’s dive in!

In This Class you will receive:

*Materials for TWO completed Paintings

*GLITTER and beads for embellishment to make your oceans shimmer with mermaid spirit.

*Light Snacks and Refreshments



Katy Atchison is a multi-disciplinary craft teacher who opens the door to creativity for her students in the form of metal work, drawing, jewelry, painting and more. A dynamic duo who will leave you with the skills and inspiration to infuse your further explorations of the medium with magic.

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 Elizabeth Gibbons is a visionary artist, a badass mystic and the founder of the Palace of the Soul Divine School of Glitteracy in San Francisco and the Palace of the Palms WILD SHINING MERMAID Retreat Center in Maui. Elizabeth splits her time between California and Hawaii. At both locations she creates mythical environments and healing art in addition to leading women on magical, playful and enchanted CREATIVE ADVENTURES that are designed to ignite their soul-fire and empower their inner medicine woman.

Elizabeth’s unique way of teaching blends mysticism, psychology, spirituality, and energy work into a revolutionary and transformative form of expressive art and creativity that she calls “Glitteracy.” No previous art experience or skills are needed for any of Elizabeth’s playshops. At the heart of each carefully curated experience at the Palace of the Soul and the Palace of the Palms, are the pillars of wonder, connection, ceremony, enchantment and healing that support women to be fully expressed, empowered and witnessed. An experience at the Palace is like entering through an enchanted portal of possibility into a sacred and mythic environment, where women dive for the true gold, the shimmer of their soul.

One Payment of $165

2 Payments of $90