Facing Self/Awakening SOUL-SHINE

with Elizabeth Gibbons and guest teacher Trish O’Malley

Friday June 29 & June 30 2018

12 pm to 7 pm

*Align with your most powerful, authentic inner wild woman with playful Intentional Creativity. Paint a powerful self-portrait icon using a VERY simple technique (we will be working from photos and using transfer paper- absolutely no drawing skills needed. Your portrait will still come out looking like you although we can guarantee that some surprises will be revealed to you during the process!)


Do you ever get the feeling that you are leading the wrong life? That this is not the one that you truly chose. That somehow you fell into it without knowing quite how it happened? That parts of you somehow got lost along the way? This is what I want you to know;

No star is ever lost

We once have been

We always may be

What we might have been.

 Imagine knowing just where you are headed. I don’t mean knowing what the next unfolding of your story is. I’m not talking about being in “control”. Imagine knowing that what defines you, is not anything outside of you. Not your job, your roles, your education or even some story that you tell about yourself that doesn’t even match who you know yourself to be on the inside. Imagine a light that would lead you out of the tangled woods of your old story and back to safety. Steady and reassuring. A beacon to come home to. Imagine YOU so authentically and powerfully YOU that nothing can separate you from your TRUE NATURE.

Stories matter. Stories are how we make sense of our world and give meaning to it. Stories impact the choices that we make and they inform who we identify ourselves to be.

The time has come for women to reclaim our stories. The stories that we have been living with are not working. To reclaim our stories it is vital that we journey into the depths, into the heart and origin of the stories that are not working. So often we get “stuck” in our stories. Oftentimes we “take on” stories from our culture without even realizing that we are living with them. Stories have belief systems like arteries that spread out into our consciousness and inform the choices that we make about how to live our lives. Oftentimes stories are so deeply imbedded in our consciousness that it can seem impossible and overwhelming to disentangle ourselves from them. It is hard to figure out why our choices are not working. It is hard to know where to begin. We want to show you a way out of the entanglement. A way that will lead you to discover your own “North Star”.

This is your invitation and your hot pink permission slip to join us for a Shero’s Journey, a sacred pilgrimage back home to YOU. Be guided on a 2 day CREATIVE ADVENTURE that is designed to lead you to the heart of where your stuck story wove it’s threads into different aspects of your consciousness.

Can you be in the great unraveling?

We will be with you all the way!

*IDENTIFY 6 core aspects of consciousness and be guided on a process to trace each thread back to it’s source.

* DISENTANGLE the story from these aspects of consciousness

*  WEAVE a new story for your life with sacred ritual, sisterhood and Intentional Creativity

*CREATE a powerful healing ICON, a self-portrait that will set you back onto the path that has been lost

*EXPLORE symbols, colors and patterns that intentionally ALIGN your consciousness with your “NORTH STAR”, your inner guiding light

*ENTER into inquiry about how your core story is informing your choices

* ENGAGE in an Intentional Creativity process designed to help you access your most AUTHENTIC Self

*CONNECT with soul sisters in red thread circle

* AWAKEN your Inner Magic

*HEAL the deeper layers of your soul

This is about waking up your SOUL-SHINE, about the magic that happens when there is a full and complete union between your luscious and luminous spirit and your wild, succulent, sensual physicality. This is about coming fully into your own DAZZLE factor, the authentic version of YOU unleashed with no apologies! This is about removing the mask and showing the world your MAGNIFICENCE because you have felt it and claimed and painted it for your self! This is about UNZIPPING your fabulousness with passionate, fun and playful CREATIVITY. Light the fire ladies and get ready for power surges!!!!!!!

Cost $297

IC Guild members use Coupon code LUMINOUS for discounted price

Early Bird Special until May 8  Cost $247

2 Payments of $160 each